Pol Wagner, singer songwriter from Girona releases his new single “The One” 

This is Pol Wagner’s second single to be released this year, the first being, Believe In Luck. Similarly to his first 2023 single, “The One” has been written, produced, and even mixed by the artist himself. This is the second installment of his four song EP that will be released in May 2023.

This single laments the current state of the music industry, and reflects upon the constant state of hopefulness and hopelessness that exists in every musician. A renewed hope each time music is released, and the all too common, almost inevitable feeling of failure when this one “ain’t the one / to make us rich and famous.”

Cover art for Pol Wagner’s single “The One” – generated by AI

There are references to “digital ghosts” – those hundreds, sometimes thousands of files created, worked on, saved, and forgotten. 

It would be hard to come by a song more rooted in the present, with the rise of AI and, what seems to be, the fall of the creative and creators.

This complex moment in time is broken down by Pol Wagner, with references to things such as the dopamine hits that social media gives us: “the chemicals in your brain anticipate / the rush of the sentimental / a high that’s accidental.” 

Staying very much in the vein of creativity and/vs AI, the singer songwriter taught himself how to create AI videos to promote the new single. The results are beautiful and haunted images that tease our imaginations, and tempt us to fall into the rabbit hole of what endless possibilities there are with the use of this new technology. 

The marriage of a theme based on new tech and a classic indie-rock sound is what hopefully will make, “this one the one.”

Or maybe it “falls flat and gets no airtime.”

See the full lyrics here.

Presave the single here: https://polwagner.lnk.to/TheOne

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