Hope – Lyrics

If I miss another exit

And I just keep driving north

Will I make a clean escape?

Will my spirit leave my body?

If I find out that the memory box

I kept so many years

Is simply full of trash

And I remember almost


Of the good years

Of the people and the places I call home

Is there hope for me?

I have a friend who’s like my brother

He lives near where I work

Just around the block

And I barely ever call him

I went so see him there

Just the other day

And I told him I was fine

But my voice just kept on


And I wondered

If he noticed, if he wanted to say something?

If there’s hope for him

I used to talk to Sasha

She’s been homeless half her life

But I haven’t seen her much

Since she told me come this winter  

She’d be skipping town

Cause her health was getting worse

And the one thing that she wanted

Was to go home and see her


In Romania

She has grandkids and a nephew that she’s never met

And I hope for her