Nobody’s Perfect – Lyrics

If the moment when it happened

Is as quickly as forgotten as it came

Slammed three doors on my way out of there

And hurt my finger on the fourth

Drove away

My hand was bleeding

I got far enough so you

Couldn’t see me pick the pieces of my shattered pride up

And in my many years of being

A survivor of romanticising addicts

I learned there’s always someone, somewhere

Deeper in the well

So every chance I get I plunge in

Hoping I’ll go deep enough

That I won’t be able to come up for air this time

I’ll commit this shit to memory

The question of who’s worse, you or me?

And respond with a resounding

Nobody’s perfect

Nobody’s perfect

Nobody’s perfect

In the room where it all happened

You found the evidence of stupid small mistakes

And your collection kept expanding

It now includes some major loss

Another habit you can’t live with

Another recurring dream

Watch it burn, in the cleansing light of a brand new day

So if in your many years of being

A survivor of romanticising addicts

You’ve been that someone somewhere

Deepest in the well

So you saw your chance and plunged in

hoping you’d go deep enough

That you wouldn’t be able to come up for air, this time